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This dictionary is setup in ASL-PHABET order.

To find a word, first, pick one or two hand shapes that make up the word you are searching for.

There are 22 hand shapes to choose from. Each one is represented here by the handshape and the ASL-phabet letter that represents it.

If a word changes handshape in the middle, choose the initial handshape.

Choose the handshape on your active hand. For example "scratch" – choose the handshape to find the letter.

If a word uses the same handshape on both hands, choose that handshape twice.

Second, pick where on the body this word is signed. We've divided the body into 5 location letters.

Third, choose up to four movement letters for a sign. Each of these represent the way the hand moves when signing your word.

Click on the rabbit play button rabbit play button to make the rabbit sign the current word.

To find a definition and word in a sentence, click on the magician play button magician play button to make the magician sign the word's definition. The magician will sign the word and will then use the word in a sentence.